What Can You Expect From Us?

“We are a trusted law firm providing legal services to private and local government clients throughout Texas.”

About The Firm

Coveler & Peeler, P.C. was formed in 1988 and is a diversified law practice that serves a wide-ranging group of clients. The largest portion of our practice is dedicated to providing legal counsel to most of the Emergency Services Districts inside of Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Waller and Brazoria Counties. The firm has been honored to also serve as special counsel to different Emergency Services Districts throughout Texas.

While Coveler & Peeler also represents other special purpose districts, we only do so when there is no possibility for a conflict with our Emergency Services District clients. We provide our governmental clients many of the same services we provide to our private clients. However, we also add our extensive experience with open meetings, tax settings, regulatory matters and elections. We are proud to have provided election services for commissioner elections, annexation elections, District creation elections, property tax rate elections and sales tax elections for many years.

We are one of the leading firms in Texas representing Emergency Services Districts and have been doing so for almost 30 years.

The firm also dedicates itself to private clients who demand the same level of excellence, integrity, and expertise that we provide to all of our governmental clients. We provide our private sector clients with legal counsel and advising services with respect to business, finance, real estate, litigation, estate planning, strategic planning, construction, tax and physician practice issues. Each of these clients enjoy a relationship with the firm built upon solid legal advice, strategically directed planning and a comprehensive understanding of our clients and their legal issues.