Our Firm Philosophy

Firm Philosophy

We have a different responsibility than most law firms. Because we are directly involved in matters that impact the emergency services people expect, the consequences of our advice impacts millions of lives. Whether we are advising a small fire department, a medical practice or an Emergency Services District, our counsel has a ripple effect on other peoples’ lives.

Our practice philosophy is based on clear communication and deeply considered service. We provide thoughtful, careful and well-reasoned solutions to our clients’ legal problems in a responsive and cost responsible manner. We are trusted counselors to the elected and appointed commissioners, doctors, EMS workers and fire fighters whom regular everyday people rely upon to rescue their loved ones, treat a medical condition and govern righteously over the local community.

Yet, we are very approachable.

While every law firm is bound by the same laws and precedents, the attorneys at Coveler & Peeler pride themselves on an attitude of involvement in the concerns of our clients, and a willingness to explore every legal option to arrive at a satisfactory outcome. The stakes are too high not to bring this level of commitment to our clients’ needs every single day.

Our private clients’ concerns are always first examined from one vantage point – their own. We look through their eyes to understand the problem. These clients demand and deserve timely and sensible advice. Through our advice and counsel, and in concert with their objectives, we aim to provide real value to our clients.

As a firm, we maintain a commitment to excellence and a constant quest to exceed client expectations. We pride ourselves on the quality of the interpersonal relationships we build and foster with each of our clients. Our success stems from our commitment to ensure that each matter is handled by an exceptional staff, and that each client receives personalized care and attention from one or more of our attorneys.