What Can We Do For You?

Physician Practices

Our firm deals with many physician practice groups from individual doctors to large groups with 50 or more doctors and we offer them a wide range of services to meet their legal and business needs. We understand the legal and regulatory issues surrounding and that govern the healthcare profession and individual medical professionals.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Formation of a new practice entity
  • Purchase of an existing medical practice including buyout negotiation and structuring
  • Tax planning for new or acquiring entity
  • Obtain expert valuation of practice components if needed
  • Federal and state compliance planning and review
  • Registration with applicable governmental agencies
  • Employee manual preparation with updated changes and personnel policies
  • Contract negotiation and compliance review
  • Equipment acquisition and leasing arrangements with applicable financing
  • Preparation of bylaws, shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Structuring of physician and key employee compensation agreements
  • Eventual physician withdrawal from practice and succession planning
  • OIG audit representation and negotiation
  • Provide current federal and state taxation review and advice
  • Help evaluate medical malpractice coverage and claims

We know that no two medical practices are the same and we work closely with each client to assure they have the best business and tax structure to meet their needs. Physicians are a well-educated group of clients and their demands and expectations are very high and our goal is to exceed those expectations.

The biggest issue in medical practices is usually compensation and how each physician will be rewarded for their services and direct contribution of time and effort to the practice. We use our experience to arrive at a plan that fits the group as a whole yet provides flexibility as needed to address special situations. We strive to offer a one-stop type firm where we can provide legal services and have have access to experts in all areas of the law encountered by a medical practice.